Aftershock: A Seductive Finish!

Posted by: Anne J.
Chad Clegg's three dimensional characters come to life again in Aftershock. The plot thickens as old questions are answered and new ones are born. With Clegg's unique writing style, it isn't hard to imagine you're in the center of this Hollywood tragedy. If you read anything this year, read this series! Keep 'em comin', Clegg! I'm a fan for life!


Aftershock is even better than The Domino Effect!

Posted by: Tana T.
I couldn't believe that Clegg could top his first book, but he did just that! It's not too often that a sequel tops the first one, but this one certainly did. Aftershock was so good that I couldn't put it down. But at the same time, I didn't want to finish it because I didn't want it to end, so I found myself trying to save it. Needless to say, that didn't work as I found myself going right back to it. The twists and turns of this emotional roller coaster ride will keep you on the edge of your seat until the surprise ending. Kudos Chad Clegg! I can't wait for your next book. When can we expect it?



Posted by: Linda
Reading Chad's Second Book, I wasn't able to put the book down...And it is his fault LOL GO CHAD!!!!!!


Very Nice!

Posted by: Tina Johnston
Very nice. Now you have me hooked. I can't wait to read the next chapter of Chase's life.


Great Story!

Posted by: A. Noble
From beginning to end, 'The Domino Effect' is a great story with believable characters. It hit all the points of a great story with suspense and emotion. Its characters are real with a lot of heart. 'The Domino Effect' draws you in and doesn't let go. Chad Clegg has done an outstanding job on his first novel. Bring on the next release, 'Aftershock'! 


Ingenious Storytelling

Posted by: Sherrie Maxwell
A thriller with more twists and turns than a Cardinals wide receiver trying to lose his marker....Great story, well told



Posted by: Todd North
I have read this book twice and both times in one sitting. The progression is natural and characters engrossing, you are always wondering what happens next. I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter... 



Posted by: Rose S.
I thoroughly enjoyed The Domino Effect! Well-developed characters with just the right mix of real-life and the mystique of the Hollywood we think we know. Compassionate, objective writing . . . did not want to put it down! A compelling book, nourishing the mind; reminding us of how every event we experience impacts people around us in ways we may never know.

I now look forward to Aftershock! Thank you for reviving the reader in me!


Great book!

Posted by: Kelly H.
A friend of mine passed this on to me. I don't think I have ever read a book so fast! I really liked the large print, made it easy to read without eye strain.


The Domino Effect

Posted by: Alicia Quisenberry
Chase is such a great character! This short novel makes you want more! It's a good thing a sequel is coming... Although the ending is questionable the book as a whole is well written. Not only did I laugh out loud but I also cried a bit too, for me that is the ultimate compliment that I can give to an author!


Gripping Tragedy

Posted by: Joe Abbott
From its lofty and almost diffident beginning through to the multiple-tissue-tear-jerking conclusion 'The Domino Effect' is an engaging and intimate look into the thoughts and humanity behind Holywood's Royalty. Clegg examines the real and fallible people behind the celebrity glamour as the all-to-human protagonists receive the shock of their life. A wonderful first novel that tears apart the insular nature of the movie star community through all too vivid and mundane issues.


Highly entertaining...

Posted by: Michelle Seeman
Very fast read, hard to put down! Hope the author writes and publishes a sequel.


'The Domino Effect'

Posted by: lbesmer
I just wanted to thank Chad for the great reading material. I loved the size of the font,it made the book much easier to read... Also loved the fact I could laugh and cry within minutes of each other. It made it very hard to put the book down,I just wanted to keep reading it. Can't wait for the second book!!!! Way to go CHAD !!!!!!


The Domino Effect is Awesome

Posted by: Pat Cox
I read this book in one day, could not put it down. I can not imagine where the author got so much insight of how the characters were feeling. There is romance, mystery, and humor. This is one book I can not wait to read the sequel. Please hurry. Good job, keep it up.


The Domino Effect blew me away!

Posted by: T. Taylor
I'll be honest, I'm not anything close to an avid reader, but when my daughter kept hounding me to read The Domino Effect, I finally gave in, and was I glad I did. This is the first book that I've ever finished. I can actually say that I couldn't put it down. Clegg's innate ability to reach into the souls of each character and bring their emotions to the surface was what had me hooked very early on. I'm happy to say that since reading his book I've continued reading other books and can't stop. I can't wait for the release of Aftershock!

Everyone should read this book!

Posted by: May Hensley
If you're looking for a novel that will churn your emotions, make you weep for the characters,and most of all, send an important message, then this book is it! Not only does Clegg tug at your heartstrings, but his delivery is so smooth that it isn't hard to imagine the tiny details of every scene playing out in your head like a movie. I smell a NYT BESTSELLER!


Great Debut Effort!

Posted by: Christopher C.
In a well-spun tale of Hollywood romance and tragedy, The Domino Effect delivers a story that is not only dramatic, but believable. Chad Clegg’s characters are the brand of A-listers that you immediately recognize as today’s beloved sweethearts of the silver screen. Clegg’s debut novel reveals the tortuous side of celebrity, and introduces readers to characters whose predicaments you truly sympathize with—-even mourn. But even more noteworthy is the opportunity that the book presents to its readers in considering an ultimate theme: how profound is the impact that one person's single decision can unleash on so many others.


A Timely Tale!

Posted by: Bret Haller
A wholly original story about a Hollywood couple's life that unfolds like a modern Greek tragedy. Unlike the normal formulaic plot that bogs down most novels, The Domino Effect follows plot lines that aren't often seen in most literary work. Written in a light breezy style, Clegg captures tabloid lifestyles mixed with modern medical science. Creating a most unforgiving antagonist that could bring a multi-billion dollar industry to its knees. The book incorporates a well paced narrative and engrossing plot twists that will interest fans of the medical thriller genre. Considering the adage 'truth often becomes stranger than fiction,' this very plot-line could become all too real on TMZ or Extra in the very near future.


Posted by: bluesmom
From the very first page, this novel will have you captured. Chad Clegg knows how to keep you in suspense, and keep you turning those pages! I started reading this book at 9am and finished by sunset that same day. You will not be able to put it down! It has a concrete storyline with intrinsic characters, with whom you will feel a deep connection. It tugs at your heart, and leaves you begging for more. Hurry and release Aftershock!